Word Hustler Remix

Press Play!
The life of a Word Hustler…
Changing nouns to zeros and adverbs to commas.
Legitimates flips, converting sentences to dollars.
[Word Fein]
Yo man! I didn’t know you was hustlin’ words all this time man! [Yeah!]
Yo man, can I get a vowel dog? Can I get a vowel??
Yo, gimme a noun man. Gimme a noun man. Please! Please! [Let that beat drop!]
Alright dog.
[Verse 1]
This is uncut raw from the NY streets
It’s a packeted verse for your mp3
Register my syntax, barcode my speech
I start at 90 words per minute then increase my speed
Manuscript to memory, building up my treasury
Every word’s a money ball and I’m draining them threes
Rap verbal entertainment, it’ll cost you a fee
You need a razor blade pencil for these cocaine lines
I can sell you a vowel if the price is right
From my rap glossary, I conjugate properly
Rap for profit makes sense
Future, past or present tense
Make it all agreeable, grade A achievable
Federal C notes, accounts receivable
If you looking for a bargain, I don’t speak that jargon
Cause I’m the Word Hustler, flipping nouns and verbs
The Word Hustler, the lines I write are superb
The Word Hustler, it’s what your ears deserve
Yo, I’m the Word Hustler, authentic rhymes preferred.
[Word Fein]
Yo man, that verse was dope man, but I need another high man!
You think you can help me out brother?
Come on man! I just need one more man! One more! Please! Please!
[Verse 2]
I hear a dope instrumental and my brain starts storming
Ideas start to forming late nights to early mornings
Baking rhymes in the oven marinated in life
Value added audio recorded through the mic
Changing nouns to zeros and adverbs to commas
Legitimate flips converting sentences to dollars
Peep the word play; words do pay, and cover over head like your grandfather’s toupee
Spit it tight or loosely, digital or loose leaf
Adjustable approach, acrobatic with the quotes
Automatic with the flows, systematic with the prose
Yo, yo, check it, check it
Alliterate to penetrate, punch lines levitate
Paragraphs first class, metaphors open doors
Cause I’m The Word Hustler, flipping nouns and verbs
The Word Hustler, the lines I write are superb
Yo, I’m the Word Hustler, it’s what your ears deserve
The Word Hustler, authentic rhymes preferred
[Word Fein]
Yo, man! Thanks man! Yo, I really needed that. I really needed that man. Yo man, them verbs got me high baby! I’m high on these verbs, man. Yo man, next time I’mma have enough money for pronouns kid, aiight!
“Four” instrumental produced by Sür @surniles of Pro Era.
“Word Hustler Remix” lyrics and skits written, arranged & performed by @George_Robert_
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