G 2tha E (Freestyle)

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G 2tha E Freestyle _ lyrics

Ladies and gentlemen,
Allow me to introduce your next performer…Georrrrge Robert!

Yo, it’s 2015 George Robert on deck
I’m a beast on the mic when I’m flowing on a track
It doesn’t really matter what he say or she say
Can’t be a party if there ain’t no DJ
Ladies up front, fellas in the back
ID in your hand, no boots, no hats
Cars drive by with the booming system
A fight broke out ’cause the bouncer dissed him
Put the money in the bag, leave the guns in the car
Clap your hands to the snare, get a drink from the bar
Head nod to the beat while you groove to the rhythm
Pull her in by the waist, let her know how you living
When you look in to my eyes tell me what do you see?
I didn’t pick my skin being black chose me
I learned how to fight in the land of the free
Two tears in a bucket, bringing order to the ruckus
I own a pair a Timbs, yeah the whole wheat chukkas
I rock a low ceasar, drive a dark blue Lex
Eight-ball corner pocket, then I ask who’s next
I breeze through the Bronx up on White Plains Road
You know, 226, I get them patties to go
I used to chase girls, now the women chase me
It’s the G 2tha E to the O-R-G-E
My name rings bells and there ain’t no competition
I rise with the sun, give thanks, I’m on my mission
On 139th, made a left on Lenox, heading downtown
I’m ’bout to get that spinach on Park Avenue where the money is at
Yo, I’m killing the game so I’m wearing all black
Back in ’98 I had a Honda Accord
Now I run my own business, I’m the Chairman of the Board.
“Party Or Something” instrumental produced by Gramatik
“G 2tha E Freestyle” lyrics written, arranged & recorded by George Robert

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