Registered For Cash

It’s GR for George Robert Universe
We gon’ have fun with this one
It’s called Registered For Cash
Yeah, uh, check it, check it, check it

I lean to the left if you know what I mean
I brought balance to her right, now she’s on my team
The curves on her body jump starts my dreams
She’s hot as a kettle so I made her cream
I get flashbacks of her joyful screams
Sex, yoga, fruit – that’s her morning routine
We move straight forward ‘cause I boost her esteem
She’s registered for cash, black card in the stash
Shotgun in the whip with her foot on the dash
We on our way to the bank, yeah, Chase Manhattan
Helicopter to the yacht, corporate lawyers for the patents
Kale for the juice, chopped spinach in the salad
Oratorio at lunch, Wynton Marsalas
Blood in The Fields, award winning deals
We have sex on the beach to make sure life is real
We left Panama now we down in Brazil. Yeah!

We registered for cash
We registered for cash, baby
Yo, we registered for cash

[Verse 2]
This is global domination and we winning the game
Sangria in the hills off the coast of Spain
It’s the black Jim Rohn, fuck a nine to five
She got land to sell, I got land to buy
It’s a powerful merger, you couldn’t break it if you tried
I’m her knight in shining armor, she’s the apple of my eye
She’s a vision of my mind so our thoughts connect
Lights, camera, action, made the money – time to jet
The name is George Robert, I’m the man of her dreams
Business out in China, now we learning Cantonese
First class flight for our rendezvous in Queens
Her honey got me buzzing like a colony a bees
Macaroons out in France, a sweet summer breeze
Black rose in the garden, fresh apples from the tree
Till death do us part like a terminal disease
Spin the globe, point your finger, now we out in Belize. Yeah!

We registered for cash
Yo, we registered for cash baby
We registered for cash
Check it

[Verse 3]
International partnerships
Took local steps, one day at a time
Compound Effect, now we on the rise
We built a brand so we traveling smooth
We don’t work for wages on a weekly basis
We sharing the profits, quarter million a clip
We get paid for our thoughts and collect the checks
No miracles here, no Jesus piece
While you pray to God, I pray to me
Standing on my feet, never on my knees
No crucifix, your cruise is fixed
While you on a boat, we above the clouds.
Private airports, yo we in and out
Jet planes, going up and down
We doing laps in the air, swimming pools in the sky
We above the throne, you can keep the crown
We above the throne, you can keep the crown.

We registered for cash baby, yeah
We registered for cash
We registered for cash baby
We out!
“Broken” instrumental produced by Fakear.
“Registered For Cash” lyrics written, arranged & recorded by George Robert.