Devil Dog

[Intro – Sands of Iwo Jima]
PFC Thomas: Well whaddya know? Stryker!
Sgt. Stryker: Hello Thomas.
PFC Thomas: Thought you were in the 1st?
Sgt Stryker: I was. Sit down. Just sit down, Thomas. Anywhere!


[Verse 1 – George Robert]
This ain’t the place for the weak, you betta harden up ya chest
We training you for war, so here’s your mutha-fuckin vest
Rifle, boots and helmet, three meals, and a cot
One shot one kill, hit the target on the dot
Zero dark thirty was my wake up time
Twenty pull-ups, eighty sit-ups conditioned my mind
Then it’s a 3 mile run. We really did this for fun
Uncle Sam’s a little crazy but he teaches us well
We are ready to kill and only time will tell
Fifty men in the field, release the chemical gas
No time to panic, you betta don your mask
Bayonet to your flesh, deep down to your spleen
We’ve been trained for war so we ignore your screams
I got an M16, thirty rounds a clip
Got a couple a mags within the reach a my hip
Condition one weapon with my finger on the trigger
Got the enemy in sight, my upper lip quivers
As my rifle is drawn and the bullets assail
The bodies will drop and be covered in braille
They say that death is blind and it needs to tell
If your spirit is going to heaven or hell
Paris Island’s where we trained to become a machine
For the colors on the flag – The American Dream
Camouflage Devil Dogs. We are U.S. Marines!

[Outro: Sgt. Stryker]
They told me to get you in some kind of shape so you can handle a little piece of this war. And that’s what I’m gonna do. And that means I’m gonna tell you what to do everyday and every minute of every day. I’m gonna tell you how to button your buttons. I’ll even tell you when to blow your noses. And if you do something I don’t like, I’m gonna jump. And when I land it’ll hurt. I’m gonna ride ya ’til you can’t stand up. And when you do stand up you’re gonna be Marines!
“So Damn Tuff” instrumental produced by Don Cannon.
“Devil Dog” lyrics written, arranged & performed by George Robert.