A Train Uptown

Yeah. This GR. Grind-1-4. Harlem. Check it.

[Verse 1]
Yo. I pass words so cleverly over drums through melody.
Alter egos chemically with my presence and pedigree.
Clapping an enemy, put a cap in his memory.
Death be the penalty for an offside frenemy.
Code word is Heavenly. Cold case. No felony.
Rap is the remedy, deeply rooted heredity.
Redeeming my legacy. Got Freedom? Allegedly!
From a stolen identity, from the people ahead of me.
Went from African slave to a modern celebrity.
With all the amenities, butter soft and leathery.
Champagne & Hennessy, women feeling my energy.
Overflow and abundance is always flooding my memory.
To give you the game I gotta hold an assembly.
While I’m rapping incredibly over hi-fidelity.
Laying rhymes phonetically.
On time for reveille. Yeah! Ugh.
Yo. Trigger the firing pin. I’m back rhyming again.
Shots fired again. Police be lying again.
So I riot again against the bias a men.
I know a few good gents who drink whiskey and gin.
Rifle under the chin, bullets a baptize men.
Then I’m gone with the wind.
TD Jakes for the hymns. Melanin for the skin.
Repent for your sins. By any means for the win.
Keeping up with the trendz.
Are you rich? It depends!
GPS for the Benz.
BBS for the rims.
BDS for the spins.
Mont Blanc for the pen.
Tag my name at the end.
George Robert strikes again, nigga!

[Outro – Malcolm X]
“Anytime anyone, in any way, inflicts or seeks to inflict violence upon us; we are within our religious rights to retaliate in self-defense to the maximum degree of our ability. We never initiate any violence upon anyone.”

“A Train Uptown” instrumental produced by Unknown (original freestyle performed by Herb McGruff in 1998).
“A Train Uptown” freestyle lyrics written, arranged & performed by George Robert.