Primal – Freestyle


[Intro: GR]
Overpaid on my dues
I weathered the bad news
All my dreams came true
Buying everything in twos
But my blessings come in threes
I’m always where I need to be
Issa different frequency
Tune in, get deep with me…

[1st Verse: GR]
I got a fetish for a woman, slim thick genetics
She need a man with a plan and some good credit
Yeah, visionary edits
Colorize the aesthetics with the multi-colored fences
Double doors for the entrance
Feel the reign, pitter-patter
Get the message, I’m the data
No time for Chatty Patty’s
All black at the rally
Dime piece with the fatty
It was written, no question
Took the time to study lessons
Navigating to my blessings
I believe in me. You should do the same
I can feel the wind when I’m coming through the lane
Twenty-twenty vision with my third eye
Put the season in the pan, let it stir-fry
Now I’m riding in the Lex with my prototype
Every step that I take is with a purpose
Shallow niggas only looking at the surface
Programming got you thinking like worker

[Hook 1: GR]
You got on the right shoes, but taking the wrong steps
I live by my rules, boss up, sign the checks
Things that I do, power moves on the reg
Midnight to high noon, roll the dice on a bet
Spitting like a typhoon, she know how to keep it wet
My arrival – G5, full effect
Legacy like Michael – five rings, be the best

[2nd Verse: GR]
Never play the cross words
I be using boss words
Get it done, do it now
George Robert cash cow
I’m the man, well endowed
Trade stock on the dow
Industry top earner
Let’s negotiate the merger
Do it big – Ted Turner
Hedge-fund do or dare
Georgie Porgie don’t care
Better handle your affairs
I’m always well prepared
This is business – no fair
Might lose a couple shares
It’s the bulls and the bears
I’m the king in the chair
Move the queen to the square
We are so compatible
Gotta give my gratitude
Making love like animals
Anti-bitchy attitude
Pair the Apple with the Bose
Put the tire on the road
Easy pass – pay the toll
Take a picture with the pose
We be black, we be bold
And we taking back control
Let the haters be exposed
Eye to eye with the toast.

[Hook 2: GR]
My niggas is primal, yeah they fight to the death
Grab your Bible, hold it close to your chest
Catch an eye-full when my ego’s on flex
Midnight to high noon, roll the dice on a bet
Spitting like a typhoon, she know how to keep it wet
American Idol, million views on deck
The life of a tycoon, siamese to your head.