GR “Pass The Test”

[Intro: GR]
This GR
For George Robert Universe
Here’s a little story that needs to be told
About a young little boy who was seven years old
Got beat by his Pops til he ripped his flesh
Early in life he had to pass the test

[Verse 1: GR]
Pops locked the door ’cause I came in late
It was cold outside, I need a place to stay
I was out on James Street sleeping in the staircase
These are childhood memories I can’t erase
Let the truth be told buried in the concrete
Need a key for the fridge to get food to eat
I used stand in the lunchroom begging for change
Right there at the register, no shame in my game
Been fighting for my life since seventy-five
Numb from the pain, no tears to dry
I had a lotta anger that I learned to hide
I became two people like Jekyll & Hyde
If I split my soul then maybe half could survive
I’ve been down for the count but I never gave up
I never gave up, a nigga never gave up
Never gave up, a nigga never gave up
The school of hard knocks is harsh reality
Dealing with pain – an everyday formality
Paternal abuse – where’s the fucking humanity?
I wrote this song so you can gain some clarity

[Prayer: GR]
I pledge allegiance to my success
I will always move forward in life with no regrets
I am a spiritual being having a human experience, nothing less
I acknowledge that challenges along the way are only part of the test
My creative senses are gifts for every season
Imagination, Intuition, Memory, Perspective, Will and Reason
Relatives are inherited, but I get to choose my family
And I will choose wisely [Choose wisely!]
My life is a masterpiece!

[Verse 2: GR]
At the age of twenty-one a young woman had a son
With a man from Panama who didn’t want a southpaw
So he tied the boy’s left to force the right hand to draw
Superstition or religion?
I was raised in this condition
Imagine the confusion
What an ignorant decision
Creatively imprisoned
Now my spirit has arisen
From the bullshit I lived in
Tough times gave me wisdom
Ain’t no time for dissing
Now I’m focused on a mission
Every month I earn a million
Need a couple pots to piss in
Couple cars for the dippin’
Couple sinks for the kitchen
Black queen for the kingdom
Black Queen for the kingdom
Yo, I’m the one in a million
Making moves with precision
Like a laser beam incision
Cause I’m clear with my vision
There’s no difference in opinion
I’m an eagle to a pigeon
Hero to a villain
Universally appealing
Turn dreams into billions
With the thoughts that I’m revealing
Now you know I’m winning
Number one in my division
Elevation is a given
Let the bells keep ringing
The Earth keep spinning
George Robert in the building!