Crew Remix – Freestyle

[Intro: GR]
Da-di-dah (da-di-dah)
Da-di-dah (da-di-dah)
Whatever you want (whatever you want)
You know…we just imaginin’ the best man
We put that shit in writing
A huh, a huh!!

[Verse 1: GR]
Clear the air, burn the sage
I leveled up – new DNA
I’m in the zone – winners only
George Robert – one and only
First class, trips to Vegas
Bank account – big & dangerous
Feeling good – fantastic
Bad vibes – no passes
Occupation – entertainment
Book a job – get the payment
Turn the channel – I’m primetime
BTS on my timeline
Vision’s clear written in the pages
Be advised I got a hard drive
My pen game’s on Shonda Rhimes
Oh my, she got thick thighs
When I’m all up in it she lose track a time
Too close to get passed by
I see the fat lip from the far side
My level be on Expert
Buy and sell before the bubble burst
Buy and sell before the bubble burst

[Verse 2: GR]
I’m coming through before the doors close
Unexpected from the status quo
Break down the walls – Jericho
White Plains where I stay low
Take the Harlem Line past Tuckahoe
Dime pieces I flip those
Coinbase for the cryp-to
Being rich I pro-fess
Louis Vuitton with the Ro-lex
Million dollar com-mer-cials
Dress rehearsals – global purview
I’m the man – you can call me GO-2
New construction on the condo
Life insurance be the convo
City scapes at The Hudson Yards
Sons ball like my name LaVar
Man’s not hot, what’chu talkin’ ‘bout Willis?
1995 I was running through your village
1996 I done already did it.
Huh, huh!!

[Verse 3: GR]
Give thanks in advance for the money in the bank
Like Brad and Tom – you know the Pitts & the Hanks?
I attract what I give – don’t get what I don’t
So I focus on the things that I want the most
It’s the words that I utter – never came from the gutter
But I had hard times – kept my hands on the rudder
Black Bauer coming out the Matrix
Got a vision board with affirming statements
I’m the favorite. I’m amazing.
Growing wings – you can see me changing
Dream big – yeah, super size
Apple farm for the apple pie
Cooking it up – another fish to fry
When you hear my voice don’t be surprised
Govern yourself – you didn’t realize that
I stayed on track through the lows and the highs
Time stops when you close your eyes
Been in the gym with the press and the flys
I stay ready for when the time arise
You can count on me I got a full supply.