GR “Auditory Glow”

I believe in myself while ya’ll still believe in the devil
I live the life of a god that’s why I experience it on another level
His thoughts antiquated like a watch with no bevel
Rap lines are hulk green and my flows incredible
I’ve been assigned with the honor to harness the power of words
Ya’ll out on the stoop watching the action while I live in the verb
A battle with me? Your system ain’t got the nerve
I’ll serenade you like Serena, eliminate your turn with a serve
I wrote this rhyme in my sleep swirly smooth like the marble floors in my bedroom
Had to release these ideas to give me head room
The base and treble stretch to give me leg room
I’m on the executive floor, it’s a long way up from the mail room
Some a ya’ll ain’t left the house
You a quarterback in your living room
My chef’s in the kitchen measuring herbs with a diamond spoon
I’m a Marine veteran so don’t even bother to talk goons
I’m pretty handy with an M16 and a bayonet
I got shit covered I’m overproof like Ray & Neph
Few live up to the standards I leave
Ya’ll drunks on a barstool
Mandatory carpool
You a baby whale I’m Neptune with a harpoon
Lyrics from the heart but you see it in your brain
Pomegranate juice, indelible stain
Citrus flow, auditory glow
I’m connected in key places like wi-fi
Presidential caravan in your neighborhood – drive by.

“Auditory Glow” written and performed by George Robert.